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* Types of dream precognition *

[ Types of dream precognition ]

These are some types of precognition that I am quite familiar with. This list does not include various other types of phenomena associated with dreams (for example, remote viewing or postcognition or its confirmation). Postcognition and precognition can occur in the same dream, as I have seen so many times.

Composite precognition: Fairly common. It is when the dream compresses otherwise unrelated various yet-to-be scenes and ideas into one scenario, and is resolved piece by piece, in some cases, on the same day, or within a week. It is basically based on the intriguing power of the subconscious to compress otherwise unrelated “data” into one unit (a form of synthesis), supposedly to save time and mental or spiritual “overhead”.

Visual precognition: This is the type that completely destroys the “coincidence” mentality regarding the spiritually ignorant, as imagery (especially more complex imagery) has far too many different details to coincidentally be imagined. Visual precognition in my case has, time and time again, been validated even with the most unusual or unlikely imagery, and often within the same day. This form also happens vividly with meditation. For example, as lesser importance, in deeper meditation I saw a dog on “unrealistically” green grass oriented a particular way, moving a certain way, lying down to align to the lower right in a diagonal position, and so on. Less than half an hour later, I saw the identical imagery (in all respects, with not a single differing facet) on television regarding a commercial that had not aired before. The grass was “unrealistically” green as the TV image seemed to “bleed” a bit of extra color at that particular time.

Synthesis (not synthetic) precognition: This seems to be based on understanding second and third (and so on) layers of otherwise hidden continuity - comparable to the construct of Pascal’s triangle. It can be layered but is sometimes of one aspect (but with too much detail to be coincidental). It sometimes resolves extra details that help in making certain associations you would not otherwise know about.

Isolated precognition: I do not normally include this type in any of my own entries even though a lot of people seem to think it is worthy of note and is quite common (one matching element means little to me because of the complex nature of my own experiences since earliest memory). This is when only one facet turns out to be precognitive and in a more casual way. I like to have at least a few layers before even bothering to write about it; for example, in the “Pinocchio Club” dream - there were a few levels of accuracy - the man being young, the fact that there were a total of about seven people (but not “with” him, they were fighting with him), his being drunk and big-mouthed, his coming up to the fence to apparently do something to the fence, his falling backwards into the street, and his turning the corner to go down the street and annoying additional people (before his arrest). That is about six details that match too much against the laws of chance, especially considering it was the same day. The fact that it looked like him (and I had not seen him before) pretty much destroys the idea of chance as it is without the other aspects.

Triggered precognition: This is a bit strange. It is when you have a vivid dream but completely forget it. Then you read or see something (for example, one short phrase that reflects a dream event rather interestingly) that brings it all back in a second, in a somewhat “how could I have forgotten that dream?” kind of way. The phrase (or perhaps image) is often directly related to what you have just dreamed of, but not always in more complex detail. In fact, this type of precognition provides a greater trigger than actually writing your own notes about the dream if you had done that during the night but forgot the rest.

In-Dream environmental precognition: I do not know what else to call it. It is when your dream (as you are dreaming it) has precognitive elements that occur immediately after the dream or even as you are waking up, sometimes relative to a sound you could not have known was going to occur in your actual environment.

Long-term “cycling” precognition: Precognition that relates imagery and events up to forty years or more in the future (and is the main path that resolved my symbolic Yin Yang or “twin flame” knowledge and my marriage since earliest memory - especially as I knew a lot about my future wife as a child; nationality, original racial heritage, accent, appearance, birth date, and so on - she was also 22 when she first contacted me - the number that represents the “gate” itself), while at the same time, the present seems to somehow be restructuring something from elsewhere. A very good example of this is an aspect of the “Patches” dream, where I saw perfectly how the house would look so different (regarding the window layout, not even suspecting it could ever be possible) - so many years ahead - and that house I lived in so many years ago starting to look a lot like where I am living now with no possible cues or me even knowing who lives there now. It may also relate to some sort of strange fractal “alignment” from both negative infinity (the past in this case) and positive infinity (the future in this case) since neither can exist without the other, or more realistically, the two “paths” from the “now”. As I said before, time cannot be linear, as “linear” here is two-dimensional, which is ridiculous to associate with time other than with line graphs.

Interestingly, I discovered that seeing a potential future forty or more years ahead is no different than seeing tomorrow on some levels, due to the nature of fractals and Pascal’s triangle in secondary, tertiary, etc. continuity. It is a bit like horizontally looking through a large transparent waveform from different heights.

This list is not complete, only loosely based on my own thoughts over many years of such experiences on a day to day basis (even consciously).

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