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"Pearls Before Swine" and the Yin Force

I have written on very early childhood dreams before - regarding the first move to Florida from Wisconsin - but there are a lot I did not include. Reviewing one on the journey though, is important to connect with the significance of the other early dream I did not fully include or validate in my journal yet.

The tornado we evaded on that journey indirectly related to my dreams that repeated my real life experience at the park. In one version the winds blew away half the Yin Yang symbol leaving only the "number nine" (and I "knew" that I was "the nine" from earliest memory, in this case not yet making the connection that Sagittarius, my so-called sign, is also a nine). In another, it left an "S", and in others (in fact most) the ground was "wiped clean" of the symbol I had drawn with the stick. Still, it was what was needed. The girl I drew it for in the dirt was obviously not Yin. Her father, who thought circles were somehow "evil", or maybe did not like my appearance (as was often the case even as a child), was just a poor soul living out his own path in the way he was apparently "designed" to. Whatever had happened to that family was not for me to know, apparently.

The other dream relating to this was partly based on something my father said, and seeing another girl at the park (who was a bit older then me). It was related to wild pigs.

The girl was a young teenager. She seemed to be from another time, perhaps a "cave girl", yet at the same time, from a "higher" form of humanity. I recall the recurring theme was trying to teach me something and I eventually learned a lot about what it was saying about humanity in general. I knew the girl was "trapped" and would be trapped for a long time. She needed to climb the tree to sit on a branch to be above the reach of a drove of pigs, or if you prefer, a sounder of swine or a passel of hogs or any other fairly pointless term in such a scene. Being very young, I did not have the skills to fully "get" all the various aspects of my earliest dreams, but I still came to learn more than enough. The girl "trapped" in the tree by wild hogs in a supposed public park had different associations over time, though.

The girl in the tree was the real Yin (or rather the representation of my future wife at a different age). The other family had left the park. She was the only one there. The pigs represented "every man", that is, mainstream humanity. I later learned what the idea of "casting pearls before swine" represented, even before I attempted to try my "division" and "phasing" work on the more complete version of the phrase. I found it interesting that I never settled into a world religion, as I was never meant to.

A lot of my childhood attempts to "interpret" my dreams (regardless of the day to day visually precognitive ones that likely did not need any additional interpretation - although there are always other layers) were only one way to look at things. Looking at the fact that most of my dreams were also meant to lead me to my "intended one" (or "twin flame") has helped open my eyes even in more recent times when looking into the past. For example, the early childhood dream where I "defeated" a tornado by turning a merry-go-round in the opposite direction to "counteract" it was likely a "Yin Yang event".

My wife had spent time on the carousel in Australia that was later shipped to where I lived and her mother had slept in the van over a few days during an art show. This seems to mean that "my" merry-go-around in Florida was not just working in meeting the Yin force head-on, but the symbolism of "her carousel coming to me" as well - in this case, literally. This is, of course, why both a playground merry-go-round and a commercial carousel both represent either the Yin or Yang forces as well as the spirals and the 6 and the 9 (and all the other layers of the true structure of my life since birth). There were many other dreams and real-life events that confirmed all this (including the actual dream about the mystery girl and the actual carousel through the window of the door to my room in Cubitis), but I still look back on the beauty of it all, as well as that infinite puzzlement when I see that the "ordinary humans" of this world still march on.

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