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The great garbage reconstructor

Morning of January 17, 2014. Friday.

There was not much to this dream. I am in Wisconsin on Loomis Street with my wife and children in the backyard at one point. We are also in other locations, including near a landfill, but where there are a lot of tall grasses. There is some sort of machine that we have outside that works like a 3-D printer as well as a search engine. A search is entered and what it does is scan all landfills and dumps and list the contents and their condition. It is then able to recreate the garbage as is, or possibly reconstruct it from its original state. For example, there are a lot of comic books that are torn or with missing pages - which can be restored under one function. It works on some sort of holographic data scanning and possibly teleportation in some cases. I guess an archaeologist could use the device when the artifacts are too far down or in a compromising area. You could even find various versions of material from older novels before they were completed and published, I suppose, due to authors in the past throwing out hundreds of pages of typed material for their books.

I enter the term "Bewitched" but cannot find any “Bewitched” (television series) videos listed, which I think is what we are looking for. In a way, it reminds me of Google in dredging up endless rubbish not related at all to the actual search perimeters. Instead of “Bewitched” VHS tapes or DVDs, it has a list of other things, including Magica De Spell appearances in Donald Duck comic books and other sources. It reminds me of how Google often alters what you are searching for without asking (which it never used to do) and how the default relates to very indirect matches or even similar words that do not relate at all to your search, so I am always taking time to go from default settings to something “sane” (such as “verbatim” which frankly should be the default - knowing how people write, I often deliberately looked for common misspellings of words to find something specific).

I decide to reconstruct some comics for the kids at any rate (both comic books and newspaper pages), with Magica De Spell and Donald Duck (although the cartoon Magica De Spell reminds me vaguely of the “real” Endora). I then get the impression that there is an option to actually bring out the original rubbish itself (in cleansed format) with any missing bits remade from teleported and cleansed landfill materials or source materials from the printer. There is some sort of idea of reintegrating the rubbish within all landfills into all of human society - even relative to a recycling function. This seems a bit sad, as then, all of the landfill “archives” will have been removed. I suppose this reminds me of the exponentially increasing decay of the wayback machine, by which thousands of previously available pages are being replaced by blanks (claiming to be that URL - but possibly wrongfully “updated” after the site was gone) as well as thousands of others being deleted so quickly, it is reported to be found but is already gone by that point. I guess they ran out of resources and finances.

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