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white powder
unlikely babysitting
bicycle near river bank
Why babysit?

Morning of January 14, 2014. Tuesday.

My wife and I are back at the house in Wavell Heights in Brisbane where our two oldest also lived when young. The house is much the same with only minor differences. Most of my dream takes place in the kitchen. My wife seems to be making a salad with carrots and lettuce and such.

We are babysitting the girl of a single mother, it seems, although I am not fully sure if it is "our" house in my dream or if we are supposedly at her house (even though it is ours in reality). After a time, it seems that there is concern about where the girl is that we are supposed to be babysitting and she is nowhere to be seen, nowhere in the house or yard. I think about what we should do, as it seems to be a tad ridiculous and nerve-wracking to be babysitting a child who is not present.

Soon though, the dark-haired girl makes an appearance in the kitchen. When questioned, she says that she had been down by the river bank with her boyfriend, having taken her bicycle to the location. This seems a bit disrespectful in taking off without saying where she is going. I tell her that if she had "vanished", no one would know where to look. I ask her if her mother just lets her go off at random times without any clue as to where she is going and it seems the answer is yes.

"Your mother is a nut-job!" I add. The girl reminds me slightly of a neighbor (Belinda) we had a few years back (although the mother had obnoxious twin daughters, not just the one). She goes and sits in the corner in the kitchen to brood. I soon notice that she has numerous tiny white spots on her shirt, seemingly caused by the ever-amusing "healing powder" (over "healing power") mix-up. This is seemingly the result of an "off-dream" (as in "off-stage") event of a packet of maize flour being thrown at her (sparsely recurring - there is another entry where this was mostly explained). The ever-amusing healing powder/power blunder always amuses me when I note it - this was a result of some sort of spectral error in "inter-dimensional" dream-work and meditation over thousands of hours of sessions when younger - the word "powder" and "power" too close in sound to properly integrate in certain states - so this is the result - could be worse. She seems only mildly better in her emotions. Not much drama occurs after this.

It is of no consequence, really. Whether it is "powder" or "power" - the overall results are similar enough. It is always maize flour, as well. Even so, there is probably even a "flour girl" and "flower girl" mix-up at some levels, which wouldn't surprise me at all, so that's kind of like a "double-play", so to speak, not uncommon at all.

"It may look like an antibiotic but inside it you have chalk, powder or if you are lucky, you get maize flour or whatever is inside there, decried Prof Rogo." Sudan: Outdated legislation hindering health programs in Africa by Mena Report.

"I love the flower girl" - Cowsills lyric (my wife was the flower girl as a child in hippie Nimbin during the "Mardi Grass"/"Aquarius" festival - yet somehow survived those years - I just saw a film of it and can't believe she got through that madness - no wonder I perceive myself as a different species - wow).

white powder
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unlikely babysitting
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bicycle near river bank
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