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huge tidal wave
houses move and float
rescuing someone
The third tsunami did it!

Morning of January 15, 2014. Wednesday.

Even though this was a natural disaster dream, there were strong feelings of joy and unconditional love in some parts (even though I was not lucid - but it was still extraordinarily vivid). Most of this night and morning was filled with typical over-the-top sensual dreams, but I will try to focus on this a bit more with its more complex and longer scenario.

This is a fairly typical tidal wave dream (other than the additional joyful states) - I have had tidal wave dreams of this nature all my life; my dreams have not changed much in some ways since earliest childhood. I have been able to trace the majority of influences and associations in fairly precise ways. I often dream about tidal waves prior to a heavier rain (in this case there were actually three shorter heavier rains before my wife got home), usually before there are signs of rain, as was the case here - in this case, in real life, my wife had gone out with the baby not expecting a heavier rain.

Even though I have not lived in the USA for about twenty years, the setting is the street I lived when I went to college in two different time periods (King Street boarding house) and quite clear and mostly accurate with only a few incongruous features of other locations. However, it is supposedly in Brisbane, Australia, yet mostly only including the familiar characters from that time period in the USA (some deceased for over twenty years) and only a couple actual Australian characters mixed in.

My dream begins to unfold with my awareness of being downstairs with the owners for some reason, perhaps to do some painting or maintenance for them as they watch television. Over time, I notice that water is rising on the street. It is just coming up to the level of the house. A man of about forty is out in shorts and a t-shirt and bare feet and mowing his lawn in the rising flood and light rain. He actually almost falls down when going over a mud-hole that has formed on the boulevard.

I point out the rising flood waters, but it does not seem that consequential. At first it is thought that a water-main broke somewhere. For a short time, I think about their possessions getting damaged, especially books and documents, but the water remains at near floor level. Still, as I have the upstairs apartment, I am not that concerned about my own belongings.

The first tidal wave (from directly west) hits without too much damage. There is a thought that it does not really matter, as I do not own much (in my dream) and I can just live somewhere else. I look around at the rising water on the street. There is only a small level of water inside the house. I have thoughts, while standing on the porch watching the weather, on paying a year’s rent all at once, something I had actually considered in real life over the past few years due to property owners’ disinterest in families and even local residents and present overwhelming nuisance backpacker trend and ridiculously overcrowded illegal hostels all over this region including next-door to us.

There is a scene where I look up and a couple children are playing near the opening in the high ceiling that normally goes to the attic (which is actually the “same” as the one in our present home near our bed) which now seems more like living quarters. There is no retracting ladder, just the trapdoor with a smaller square opening that a person can barely fit through (needing to stand on a wardrobe for example). A girl of about three in a white formal dress is playing peekaboo, but obviously it is not a good idea. Soon, she leans too far over the opening and falls through just as I am expecting. She hits the floor rather hard, head first, but instead of breaking her neck - is not hurt in even the slightest way but I still inform the mother, who has her lie on the couch. I get the impression that I mentally did something to prevent her from being hurt in any way (yet am still not lucid).

The mother goes outside and east down King Street, which does not seem like a good idea due to the albeit low flooding, but she has to get something from a relative, it seems. There are also the typical idiots that speed through the flood waters in their cars, a couple getting stuck, as I have seen in real life.

I notice a second huge tidal wave coming from the west (throughout my life they mostly come from this direction - possibly the west being the past or left as on a compass rose and concerns with aging or the past “catching up” in aging - also possibly encroaching Western ideas or “Western mainstream” intrusions), towering over the early afternoon skyline. The tidal wave hits and I watch it with a sense of bliss and love and even positive expectation, greatly enjoying the sounds of the rushing waters - with no discernible sense of fear. However, it does a bit of damage to some of the residential structures in the streets and I feel the weight of the water hitting the building. Looking east, I also see that the woman is drowning and half-submerged in deeper water in the middle of the street. I run to rescue her from drowning and carry her back to the boarding house. She is very light to carry and I quickly make my way back. She is very grateful but only semi-conscious and complaining of her breasts being in pain, as she needs to give milk to the baby in the house. At this point, it seems to be a version of my wife but much younger.

Soon, I am upstairs, but it is more like a different version of the downstairs area. Three men are talking, two being the most vocal. One taller man - the only one standing - is going on and on about “being spiritual” and preaching nonsensical and highly unrealistic ideology - he reminds me very vaguely of Paul Hogan but is not him in any way. I hear the word “spirit” several times with the idea that he knows about the other man’s spirit which seems to make no sense, as they only just met (as the annoying man randomly took refuge in our house). One of them (the one being vocally victimized) is involved in search and rescue work as well as providing services to feed poverty-stricken areas. The man talking about morality and being spiritual seems delusional in most of what he is saying and the others are getting annoyed. This is not typical, as usually generic spirituality is shown in a positive light. Here, however, it seems like the person is severely mentally ill and nothing but an unwelcome nuisance. He claims the other man’s spirit will suffer because he had rescued people instead of just letting them die - apparently he believes that when you rescue someone you give them part of your spirit, which subtracts from your morality and life’s purpose - this relates to both his rescue work and providing food for starving children. Again, I am not lucid, but a third tidal wave is approaching as I listen to this annoying purposeless preaching character - his speech seeming more and more chopped, truncated, and even completely unrelated to actual human existence.

I think about posting a status update on Facebook such as “here comes the third tidal wave” and how I will likely be homeless and how most of the town will be destroyed, but am still not concerned. I am actually cheerful. I blissfully listen to the massive tidal wave that is so huge, it takes considerable time for the top of the wave and the full strength to finally come down in the area. I watch the base of it in the same position for quite some time (almost as if the shape is frozen in time yet with the water itself fully energized and flowing), again enjoying the sounds of the rushing waters. Finally, it hits, and I ecstatically feel the entire large house move off and move easterly like a boat. However, the annoying male yells “oh sh—!” as it crashes into another house at about a forty-five degree turn when it moves across the intersection and kitty-corner from where it hits (although I am not certain if he is killed, but the two other men look on and simply smile at him, possibly out of pity, as he gawks out the window at the other approaching house’s window - and it almost seems as if this “preacher” is being forced to look through the window of another human being’s house as if it is something he can’t realistically see or understand otherwise). I woke up feeling rather energized and joyful.

rescuing someone
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