almost 8 years ago
vacant house catches on fire
Some sort of new vacancy "rule"? Fire again

Morning of January 11, 2014. Saturday.

Throughout my life since earliest childhood, it has been typical for me to have an average of at least one fairly vivid fire dream per week (but usually environmental or on the outside of my body, not internal) - not quite as often as water dreams (but both of which seem to greatly enhance vividness, even lucidity). Recently, they have increased dramatically (the last one being of walking up a burning staircase similar to the scene from "The Changeling"). There are a few different types of fire dreams, including some of very realistic fire and some of a more bluish "cool" fire-like form mixed in with the normal orange flames that has a more positive presence.

In this last otherwise uneventful dream, I am living in Cubitis yet again (with my wife and family). The neighbor's house to the south has recently been vacated. The very fact that the house is now without occupants causes a fire to start mysteriously (without needing a person to be involved in any way), yet "automatically" as if there is some sort of rule or likelihood that a house must spontaneously catch on fire as soon as there are no people living in it for a few days or so (not sure of the time required). (During a time in La Crosse years ago, vacant boathouses were being burned deliberately, both apparently officially as well as illegally.)

I am looking out the window and watch mostly their carport and part of the front of the house burning for several minutes (after only sensing it will start up with no signs of fire to that particular point), making no attempt to call the fire department for some reason, almost as if it is meant to be, like some sort of natural, expected, and common event. There is only a vague sense of concern that our house might also catch on fire (as the flames become quite large and almost a bit horizontal at some points - the houses are fairly close together as well), but it does not dominate my dream at any point. There is still a vague idea that they have not completely moved out yet and may return to attempt to pick up one or two more things, as I think I see a cooler and a bit of fishing gear on the northern side of their carport, but it looks like it will just all burn up, at least on the inside (being a concrete block home with knotty pine and plain wood panels in only some of the rooms).

vacant house catches on fire
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