almost 8 years ago
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The opossum path (two images only)

The first image is scanned from the childhood drawing that was done by my wife. It features an opossum and an airplane, which of course, I did not know she had done at all when I answered her letter.

The second image is scanned from my very first letter to her. The first symbol is a "fun" variation on Sagittarius (going to Australia), yet also the symbol of the Florida tribal newspaper that somehow ended up in Australia (even with an incredibly small circulation and done by a friend of my father's) when her mother decided to post an ad (based on my future wife's inspiration in saying what should be in the ad - amazingly, relating to a likely ancestor of mine - which is what caught my attention). The second is my personal heart-shaped symbol of the opossum (head), and the third, which looks like a reference to a four-bladed airplane propeller actually means "hangs a shadow" (part of my PAIA name).

If you think that's "cute", you should see the several thousand other "cute" little things...

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