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lunatic fringe
"Under the domb?" Two point one on the horizon.

Morning of January 7, 2014. Tuesday.

Over the past twenty years, and more so, the past five or six years, I have become more and more “out of the loop” regarding what many people (primarily in mainstream society) are talking about, as if I was on an alien planet - sometimes I try, sometimes I do not - even if they resort to false ideology and clueless (invalid) revisionist history of their target (typical of Internet trolls, of course) - which means nothing, really, but which seems to be all people are capable of at times. This does not disrupt my real life, usually, though, but is an enigma I cannot quite solve. This is also why I do not usually respond to what I would personally call the utterly bizarre - and yet a need over facing the challenges in real life with my wife’s criminally insane mother caused me to go into an active mode for a time, but I have remained passive for the most part - simply because I can easily afford to be and do not have any concern at all of what someone else might think. My dreams are always “informing” me of where I should devote more time, though, as well as the ever ongoing enigmatic composite precognition. In a sense, even the “Pachydermophobiaphobia” dream was quite specific in things (which I did not go into in that particular entry - as my entries are long enough as is, usually). That related to, at one level, a group I belong to that tries to ease the worries of people who are always going on about an impending Doomsday although I am not an admin there and mostly leave it to others to explain things to people whereas I do my usual “jokes”; I mostly just watch in disbelief - rather “the Doomsday of the month” so to speak, and all the scam artists selling people false ideologies. For some reason, the people who believed in all the 2012 Doomsday nonsense are still worried about new and upcoming “Doomsday events” as if they had not learned a thing. So this dream, in part, was combining my old trauma regarding elephants with personal communications on that site with people who are worried about the oncoming (but never arriving) “elephant” - and of course, the trumpet relates to a sign of the Apocalypse.

This dream is fairly short. I see “Under the Dome” - a television ongoing series with more than one season (claimed falsely to be a miniseries by the promoters) written as “Under the Domb”, a play on “Under the Dumb” as I had already seen before. However, in this case, it is actually relating to a second season of what was apparently going to only be of only a few episodes as advertised. This brings back a slightly altered scenario from real-life (but actually only Internet-based) events. It was in regards to two things I saw written by real people on the same page, both of which bordered on almost scaring me with the implications (yes, this happens all the time, but seriously…). This combined loosely with people (adults) out there in the real world that do not actually know what either clouds or wind really are…

The first part related to an attempt to explain to the “real person” (rather than just via a forum) that the picture that was posted showing the positions of the planets and stars (from Earth) was a CGI representation and not meant to have been a detailed painting by a caveman or some such when they honestly asked “how can a picture be that old?” (this phrase actually stayed in my head for days after - it was so strange in its implications of general human ignorance). The other related to a lack of patience on my part when I could not take any more. In real life, I photographed one of my sons doing a science experiment (and I think I have written on this before, so forgive me) with the label of “why isn’t the ice melting?” I did this as a joke, with the answer being “because it is a photograph”. This is because the other person was looking at a person holding an ice sculpture and honestly asked “why isn’t the ice melting?” Being in education is not the reason things like that make my head hurt. It seems really “wrong” to me in ways I suppose others could not imagine.

The other two things I am reminded of before meteors come down and wipe out a camping ground were related to things I read in the newspaper years ago and something I read just recently. The first was one of those letters you read that leave one baffled. Apparently the person thought that water vapor clouds and smoke were exactly the same thing (which I hope I did not imply in writing about my black smoke dream). He actually said that if more people smoked cigarettes, it would rain more (in this region). The other person did not even know what wind was (and indicated such on the IMDb forum regarding the “Under the Dome” series - which again - I had almost forgotten about) and it had to be explained to him; for example hot and cold air meeting and such (which can even be experienced near a radiator to a subtle extent) - as something that does not have to be experienced solely in the great outdoors. At any rate, a cowboy appears and says “look what you’ve done” as the meteors fall with weird lightning (which I absentmindedly try to “catch” like a dropped lifeline a couple times) and wipe out the campgrounds and most of the people (directly related to the “Tonight the Sky Will Fall” theme - where a thinking/aware dreamer causes the end of all things and has to recreate the universe, but with him “playing dead” afterwards). There is the awareness of the Red Rider song “Lunatic Fringe” - one of my favorites by them. However, I see my wife’s glowing (luminous) white figure (like a shadow - but completely white instead) on the horizon, slightly enlarged by about twenty percent. We will be together again in a more enriching way in the “next manifestation of the universe”, it seems (unlike the ending to “Tonight the Sky Will Fall”). Sometimes I approach the wrong subjects at the wrong time out of pure disbelief - and such has been the case since early childhood.

Another “sign” was a movie my wife mentioned just recently in real life regarding a play on “lunatic fringe” - a movie called “The Fringe Dwellers” (which we did not watch) - although it had absolutely nothing to do with the “Chrysalids” theme popping back up again recently - except perhaps in a very subtle way. Without knowing it, my wife’s dream seemed to have the same location as my elephant dream I just recently posted (again, this happens a lot, but often goes unnoticed because it happens so much). “Domb” also seems to be a play on “bomb”.

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