almost 8 years ago
strange nose distortion
impossibly large mattress
Nose trouble, money trouble, car trouble, Cowsills

Morning of January 6, 2014. Monday.

Firstly, there was another weird body dream (the last one being the six-toes one). My nose has troubles. It feels a bit unusual. I eventually move the vomer bone about (the structure is very loose) and it actually seems to fully break (though there was not much left holding it in) and then it all come out like a loose tooth. I am mildly disturbed by this, but not really worried about it to any serious extent. I could probably see a doctor later. After this, I look in a mirror and notice that (dream logic) because my vomer structure is gone (although my nose somehow still looks perfectly normal), my bottom lip is receding and not visible. I am annoyed by my new appearance of having “no bottom lip”, but will have to live with it I guess. (It is still there, but completely tucked under my upper lip.)

Later, I have no money, but owe a whole year of back rent (do not ask how such a thing is possible, as I have no clue; not sure how I have been eating, either). I wander around in an unknown area of La Crosse, heading south, although nothing is that familiar. I think I am going to work for a small retail business or some such. I have no active memory of my real life at any point in the past or present, for the most part, not even much memory/awareness of relatives. I am walking along on an embankment as well as across certain walls and brick fences just off the sidewalk. Eventually, I cannot walk on the walls - as they become narrower and narrower (older recurring) as well as having a few objects in the way here and there. So I sort of lightly float down (a very short distance - only about four feet) to the sidewalk, but do not become lucid with this subtle act of minor vertical “flying”. I end up walking a bit east, and then back to the north. A man at a round table (possibly Morgan Freeman - not sure why I am dreaming of celebrities far more than usual - very unlike me) offers me money - about two hundred dollars. I am reluctant to take it, but eventually am talked into it so I can give my landlady about half. I then end up walking northward again, through some sort of tunnel.

There is a scene that makes little sense in terms of a more realistic outside environment. There is a giant box spring setup (mostly hollow on the underside) outside and across the street from a mostly isolated park - a somewhat desolate area in some ways. The giant box spring is about the size (in area) of the foundation of a small house. (Perhaps it was specially made for some sort of sport.) I am with several unknown younger people. The older car we were in seemed to be having some sort of mechanical problems so we had stopped for awhile. A car with three females goes by, the driver making a comment at one of the other unknowns. Eventually someone shoots at them and it is my obligation to hide the bodies under the giant box spring (one still being alive at the time), closer to an outer isolated higher wall of gray stone, in a section near the edge, where a lot of taller, but wilting weeds are growing between the wall and the long edge of the giant box spring. One of the males (who seems much like the unknown male from the black smoke dream) notices that the box spring is a bit up off the ground in one section, because of the hip of one of the bodies being just a bit too high. He jumps up and down on that area to make it more even. Apparently, members of the public rarely go to that area. It actually does not even seem that dramatic or macabre.

Earlier, there were longer non-lucid dreams of watching the Cowsills perform in various venues, likely due to having watched a lot of older videos of them. There was also one of my own concert dreams (starting off with “Pipeline” as usual) and featuring a banjo player to my right with me playing the bass for the most part, and including the usual songs. “Pipeline”, “Runaway” (Del Shannon), “The Rain, The Park, and Other Things”, “Speak to the Sky”, “Tennessee Flattop box”, “Dear Prudence”, “Ragtime Cowboy Joe” (not usually a part of my dream concert), “Since I Met You Baby”, “Down in the Boondocks”, and several others. Not sure of the song that is playing before it decays.

impossibly large mattress
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strange nose distortion
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