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possible religious cult
questionable prayer meeting
A prayer meeting?

Night of January 4, 2014. Saturday.

This dream, unknown to me at the time, related directly to my wife’s dream, memories, and nocturnal emotions for a time, as well as an old photograph negative she had been looking at without telling me. My wife may post her version of the dream on two of the dream journal sites later on.

For some reason, I am amazingly passive - and tolerant and patient in this dream (I am not lucid, but it is rather vivid). I vaguely remember thinking of manifesting a potential scene of romance and love-making, but this is not instigated - and my surroundings seem very “wrong” somehow, as if I had “landed” in the middle of some sort of fiasco created by a religious person - this is actually the only “prayer meeting” dream I can presently recall, and very possibly the first ever. Thus, instead of what I had vaguely been thinking of, I am in a hall at a small gathering of perhaps twenty people or more. It seems to be a group of people in an informal (bucolic) prayer meeting, perhaps in the late 1800s at first, it seems - but is likely in the 1970s. The partially gray-haired preacher is directly to my right and reading from a personal book of sermons (not the Bible) and others are following along and repeating some of his words and phrases. There is no singing that I remember. I am seated in the front row and there are three rows of plastic chairs (not pews) I am aware of, of about eight or nine people each (or perhaps a few more). There are also a few people seated on the floor in front of us near the first row only.

I am not one hundred percent sure as to what is in the area before us - as to whether it is a stage (which I do get an impression of and it seems logical). I am not sure as I never look in that particular direction at all (other than the immediate foreground where the girl and a few other people are sitting informally on the ground/floor). There does seem to be an implication of a door on my far right as well as a stage likely being in front of us, but I am only slightly aware of it. All of this, in almost every detail when verifying certain things matches the area my wife was in at the age she was relative to the girl - and I had never been there and I did not know what it looked like at all. Quite intriguing, I suppose, but nothing remotely new in terms of the paranormal and its many amazing forms.

The girl who is seated on the ground in front of me, informal cross-legged style, seems happy I am there (but seems slightly sad and out-of-place) and turns around to touch my left knee with her right hand. However, there seems to be some sort of strange electromagnetic alteration (invisible barrier) of her intent and she reverses her motion and puts her hand back down as if the act is not physically possible and this makes me feel a bit “off” and both sensually and spiritually denied in my own dream (or maybe she is nervous on her approach). I must be losing my mind, ha. But seriously, in regards to my wife’s dream, this could have been her, as later implications in her dream were very similar and left her sad (she had actually been looking at a photograph negative of the group which I never saw and I did not know of the preacher, either, or the location - but these were days where she felt “wrong” over being near these people, as well as “brainwashed”, so to speak). In my dream, though, I do not sense any dark energies of any kind. It just seems a bit unusual and wrong (at a human level) in direction - as if any kind of touching, sexual or not, was somehow wrong and one person was spiritually in charge of several others (something I had always thought was very “off” regardless of it being a supposed societal “norm”).

I am rather annoyed at not jumping into a sensual adventure in my own dream (or even at least comforting the girl spiritually - even that was preferable to this “meeting” as a group - it seems riddled with dogma and robotic continuity rather than with real consciousness and focus), so I decide to work on some music and start to write the notes down in my music book. The preacher, however, pulls it so that I cannot write properly (but does not touch me directly as if there is a similar barrier as with the girl) and makes a comment I do not recall - imagine being denied both sensually and musically/creatively - wow - and I see that I “have” to follow along with the meeting (just to be polite, of course, if I was lucid, I would have changed the entire scenario in a heartbeat) even though I do not belong there. I have no idea why I am this passive (I guess because I am not remotely lucid). It does have something to do with my wife’s memory and her sense of regret that she shared with me later on. Quite interesting. More evidence (as if there was not enough already) that people can share other people’s memories without being aware of the orientation regarding location and such.

The black smoke purification dream on the same night (with anything remotely “dark” being removed from my past and possible future as smoke) was worth having to put up with this mess, I suppose (although years ago, it involved gray balls floating out which represent negative energies leaving the person) - and that was part of what my last pulsing/phrasing session was supposed to project - I guess old memories surfacing (even someone else’s) are another “side effect”.

My wife regrets the influence these people had, even getting rid of some of her artwork (she is very good at certain forms of art) and even certain music albums and possessions. It was not directly a religious cult, but probably close to it in some ways. Promoting the idea of “sin” upon a person doing nothing wrong was something I always felt was truly sick and “evil” in itself.

questionable prayer meeting
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