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cadillac coupe de ville
~ "The Rain, The Park, and Armageddon"... ~

Just recently, I posted an entry about an "unknown" and/or "primitive" sun symbol...a black bird...and so on...

I am walking along as if lost. I am greatly annoyed by the sounds and smells of cars. A young Barbara Steele drives up in a white Cadillac Coupe De Ville. There is no conversation. Eventually it is my wife, then the actress again (what --- another "revolving" character already?) Some distant memory comes back and we are near "The Temple of the People". It dawns on me in some sort of "oh no" realization that the ankh may represent Hathor, a more "divine" version and long-term "code" of my wife ever since I can remember (Hathor, HVathOR, Horvath...) which reminds me of a long letter I got years ago from a person from the Theosophy group which had been typed on a very old typewriter (even for those days) but which I no longer have, I don't think. At any rate, I am handed a comic book from my childhood..."77 Sunset Strip" - which has a symbol similar to the one I dreamed of (and posted) very recently, the Peruvian girl one. Not only that, a similar symbol is shown in a photo in the last publication released by the Theosophy group (which turned out to be eerily postcognitive)...I must be dumber than I thought...Barbara gazes at me as if losing patience with something. I have the "Cowsills" comic I have already posted on...and feel a bit uneasy. "Vola Con Noi," she says seriously.

I turn it upside down to note the "S 77 is mod" message and ponder it. I had vaguely connected it with "77 Sunset Strip" in the past. I say "is mod...is modern...(long pause, followed by terror)...is MODIFICATION..." and so..."flash"...

I am with my wife as if we first met; for a time I get the impression of only a human-shaped form of light. Later we are at the fountain in Brisbane where we were when we first spent time together in public. The Cowsills sing, "See the sun..." (after a bit of vivid light rain, reflections, and intimacy "raindrops falling on her, she didn't seem to care..."), "and I knew (chorus: I knew, I knew, I knew, I knew) it was Armageddon (chorus: geddon, GEDdon, geddon)". But that's okay, we have our own new Universe "emerging" from somewhere(?) and a "new beginning". I hardly notice the land disintegrating around us. Meanwhile, "Captain Sad and his Ship of Fools" (all of humanity - don't ask how they all fit on one boat) sail off into a black sunset in a yellow sky (that is, the sun is black - it creates a sort of wary perception - almost threatening, like looking at a bee) and a black bird flies above the ship. (The flip side of that 1968 record was "Path of Love", same year as an Italian release, apparently - "Vola Con Noi" - 'We Can Fly'.)

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