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dear prudence
the chrysalids
Prudence Wender Wandering Westward

Morning of January 1, 2014. Wednesday. This is the second longer dream of the new year…I am almost certain I have had this scenario in part, at least a few times, as a young teenager, but have not checked.

It is the time and location of “The Chrysalids”. Prudence Wender (Prudence Farrow) is in isolation and finally moves to the Fringes, but goes back to see family on a regular basis (up until a point where it is not feasible due to a “revolution” of sorts). The Fringes is ruled by the Beatles, but mostly John “Spider-Man” Lennon. Someone of the normal human colony tells me “meditation lets in demons” (a comment I have seen in real life a few times - assuming they were actually serious, which frankly, is hard to believe, but then…”look around” as they sing in “Dear Prudence”) and I say “if meditation lets in demons, then when you actually sleep, you must become Satan” (Well, it follows the logic assuming one believes in such things which I do not).

The “normal” region is ruled by farmers and judgmental politicians (to keep any diversity of any kind from unfolding - even the usual natural diversity - cannot have actual truths scaring people) much as in the story. Obviously, neither “normal” society (although I enjoy farms in real life and would not mind living on one again) or the Fringes is suitable for me and my group. “Dear Prudence” is one of my favorite Beatles songs (second-favorite bass-line of any song). New Zealand (“Sealand”), for some inexplicable reason is mostly Native American and Romani, led by Buffy Sainte-Marie, yet they have large helicopters to “rescue” certain people from the other two locations and are the most developed.

Michael the telepath fails to reach the helicopters. Instead, he climbs a rope (thinking it to be a line from one of the “Sealand machines”). It turns out to be a rope from a basket being played by a Hindi man and only goes up so far (based on the East Indian rope trick). Too bad. Paul McCartney stands around playing acoustic guitar and singing (“Can you take me back where I come from?”).

I mistakenly end up on a jungle vine and swing around like a pitiful Tarzan (apparently someone is filming all this - the Fringes people, it seems, or a group of reporters that follow them). However, unlike the others, I am the only one that gets to Sealand where my wife had already been living (actually only having lived in Australia, not New Zealand). Pegasus comes and I ride comfortably to a helipad (this likely being a variation on the hundreds of prior times involving “Faithful and True”, but usually without wings). Interestingly, the giant Sealand metropolis also has deep forests integrated with certain areas, and we head there. I cannot wait to feel a sense of normalcy and peace.

dear prudence
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