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humans are not carnivores
Flying remains, exploring a new food source, crazy man

Morning of December 26, 2013. Thursday.

In the first dream, my family and I are in an area that is similar in appearance to our last address on Barolin Street. However, there is snow everywhere as there would be in Wisconsin in some areas right now (even though it is really hot here in real life). The street is snowed over, but is cleared by a snowplow. After this, we see more traffic. For some reason, there are several people in our yard, near the driveway and south-side entrance to the house. In a short time, I notice the cars driving a bit recklessly, more-so, as they are sliding about on the icy street, most traveling south. Eventually, one slides into a neighbor's yard (south of us) and crashes, and this causes the entire stream of traffic to crash - one into another - like the domino effect. A second car had crashed into the first (the one that started it all) and the first one is now on fire and presenting a threat.

A man who seems to be in charge of the snow removal and traffic flow tells everyone to move back, as there is likely to be an explosion. Although the car that is ready to blow up is not in view, we all seem aware that it will go up very soon. Soon, the car blows up, and my wife and I are told to move from where we are (for some reason, we are actually farther away from the door of our home than the other people). We are embracing on our sides for quite some time at first, but then decide to get out of the area, actually crawling fairly quickly on our hands and knees (I make sure my wife is safer and ahead of me). Looking back and up, a person's upper body and arms (but no head) is flying through the air, but is mostly ashy (all blackened) and smoking (with a slight hint of smouldering fire). It is almost like a "stuffed shirt" (although the seeming word play here does not seem relevant to anything substantial other than people being snobby about mixed marriages, perhaps). We manage to avoid it, though, and it lands in the exact same spot we had just moved from. That part of my dream seemed very similar to a scene from "Volcano" (1997) where Dr. Amy Barnes is instructing people on how to react to the falling lava bombs.

In the second dream, I am part of a team that is exploring an area that is possibly in Papua New Guinea. It is related to something I saw in real life years ago (which was later determined to be exaggerated or completely fictional) about a town, I believe in Eastern Europe, where people lived much longer on average. This was supposedly because of a high amount of a special type of apoprotein in the diet - or something that led to the production of synthesized apoprotein in the body, I am not sure which. In my dream, we are looking for various trees with fruit that provide this special type of apoprotein source. Although the native people of this mostly "secret" or isolated village can easily climb trees, the exploration team has to have special safety gear and ropes and such, and at one point, almost look like astronauts. I sit at a table with a couple women and a boy. The team mostly questions an older man about the dietary habits of the village. Apparently, this team is finding a completely different scenario than the first expedition that made the bold claims. At another point, there is a hedge-line similar to the one from way back when I lived at North Monroe around age seven. It seems to be nighttime. Beyond the hedge-line, and through one open corner, I notice what looks like a modern town. A small group of young people is near the area looking for food. A girl points out an unusual small frog that is multicolored (mostly red, yellow, and blue) and beautiful - but probably poisonous. It is near and partly under a bush which may contain special life-enriching fruit.

In the third dream, I am in an unfamiliar garage in Wisconsin, it seems, although my wife is with me. There is a tall, thin stack of smaller boxes of books that falls over without causing any damage. We seem to be moving a few things around. I notice a heavyset man staring at me from the opening to the garage (the opening apparently to the east). He walks into the garage and stares at me intently, looking into my eyes.

"Why are you an ALIEN?" he says in a way almost implying cross-examination. He seems to have a special gift to see the "different wiring" within my physical nature and brain design - something people usually seem to sense but do not comment on, or maybe they recognize that I am only pretending to understand what people are saying to avoid confrontation - I usually do not have the vaguest hint of what people are talking about in public.

"Because I am not you and am not like you," I say calmly, but in a slightly patronizing way. I do not like him at all and do not look away from his intense (but inferior) gaze. He seems to be of the over-the-top conspiracy-theorist "everything is doom or devils or aliens" mentality - the type who spends time considering all manner of fictional systems and completely unfeasible potential of the countless fraudulent and "lunatic fringe" websites, including websites that make a huge profit selling to the uneducated. (I recall a ridiculous small plastic "device" from a New Age magazine years ago that I got just to see what it really was. It was supposedly to improve health by having some sort of "protective field" move out from the wearer's body. When I took it apart, I saw that all it was was a small circuit-board in which the sole function was to make the small light flash on and off to make it look like it was doing something. Hilarious, but also sad that there are so many unchecked con artists in the world.) He soon attacks me physically but I grab him and stretch him out and all that is left of him is his belt. I go to the garage entrance and throw the belt/man out onto the alleyway as two girls are walking by, heading north (I believe we are at the north-side of La Crosse). He somehow screams for help (as a belt, but changing form a bit, including a brief period as a rattlesnake) but they do not notice. Eventually, he is able to "regenerate" himself, but is more overweight than ever and dressed in a strange combination of mismatched clothes, some of them women's clothes - in about three layers. He is also wearing a periwig and starts yelling again - about aliens and other fringe beliefs, while shaking a golf club at me. I notice that, at that point, he is about a foot shorter than before.

I tell him sternly and very seriously, "the fact that people like you are allowed to run around promoting false systems and false ideologies and leading other people astray is proof enough that humans are not fit to occupy this planet". (By that, I seem to be inferring both the common "con artists" and the victims.) From there I wake, but am not able to associate the man with anyone I have seen on either television or real life.

humans are not carnivores
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