almost 8 years ago
healing a rhinoceros
Rhinoceros Healing

Morning of December 25, 2013. Wednesday.

My dream (or dreams, as it seems to repeat at least once, possibly twice) has at least two sections that are nearly identical or possibly "resets". I go into a large room from the north entrance, apparently in the early afternoon, that is somewhat like the buildings at the showgrounds near here. A large rhinoceros is lying on his right side and seems slightly injured. He is on a seemingly concrete circular platform about four inches up from the floor and about six or seven feet in diameter. I pet him and move my hand over his wounds and he seems to get healthier and healthier until he is able to stand up and move about on his legs a bit. I almost sense a sort of human-like gratitude from the animal. The dream repeats at least once from here, but with a longer gap of no dreams between, it seems. There are a few other people in the background (mostly female, likely veterinarians and park attendants) that seem to be happy about my presence and my apparent special abilities to help the rhinoceros. I have a good feeling and the dream is unusually clear in imagery and orientation considering I have not seen many rhinoceroses in real life, especially up close. (There is ambiguity in one version of my dream; it is possible it is a pregnant female, though this is not at all certain.)

healing a rhinoceros
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