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six-pointed star
Six-pointed stars as natural lights vs. eerie seven-pointed

Morning of December 22, 2013. Sunday.

This entry will include two dreams that I first held back from posting on one of the journal sites, as each time, someone else had posted something with the same words in the title just seconds before. One was the seven-pointed star and the other was the white robot (see LINKS below). It also almost happened with two others, one relating to red lasers and the other, blue fireworks. (The "red lasers" one, I actually did not even fully reveal in the entry itself, just a "red trident" on stage for the most part - but rotating red spotlights and red lasers had also been more involved.)

The first dream was slightly stressful, but not exactly fearful, just a bit of an uneasy feeling about human ignorance and possible "unnatural alterations" in life.

This is actually based on a real-life event, which also made me quite puzzled and slightly uneasy, which is duplicated in my dream to a similar scene. In my dream as well, I am looking at photographs of mostly forests and natural environments. My mental focus may actually be wrong in this case regarding past memories, as it may be a fluke. Over time, I notice seven-pointed stars as lens flares rather than the expected six-pointed ones. This seems to indicate something "wrong" - something very "unnatural" (although there are flowers that can have seven petals including anemone nemorosa). (It is probably similar to how you would react if you thought you saw a heptagon-based honeycomb). I look again more closely, and do indeed see seven-pointed stars as lights/flares. I sit there in somewhat of a daze, but not much happens. I am contemplating if it is the result of some new form of digital photography that alters the electromagnetic spectrum.

Also, I notice that some of the light patches are also heptagons, which makes me a bit more uneasy. I am certain that only hexagonal light patches exist in the natural world and that these heptagon "light cells" had been artificially made with dire consequences to come, perhaps even human extinction. I get a slight awareness that bees may try to make heptagonal hives and fail since they cannot tessellate and honey will have to be produced in solely a synthetic way from then on. (My own eyesight only makes six-pointed light cells directly.)

Apparently, camera lens flares can have any number of points (I mostly only remember seeing six or eight, though.) There are supposedly five-pointed ones as well as a much larger number (assuming the photographic images I have seen are unaltered). Most of the more "dominant" ones, I have only seen with six, though, as well as only see hexagonal light cells (which are often too rounded to imply a polygon, though) before in photos and only recently (in real life) seeing the heptagonal ones. Apparently there are even services that make lens flares for you made to order. Whatever next? This is probably very partially subconscious "overkill" based on all the J. J. Abrams nonsense and memes lately. I stopped watching the newer "Revolution" series (new in my region, anyway) as it was continuously and unbearably too stupid for words (and I am a science-fiction fan) and has two of the more annoying characters from "Lost" as well. It will probably turn out to be "magic" over science again that they claimed "Lost" would never be, but was (although I really liked "Lost" and still do, for being so random and meandering - especially with all the fun with running gags and puzzlement, both real and feigned, on the IMDb forums).

In the white robot dream (another link to J. J. Abrams? - in regards to "bad robot"?), a woman is watching a white robot "standing" in a canoe that is going down the river. She is throwing things at it, including various coins. The white robot has no legs but is more like a "giant bank" (like a piggy bank) at one point - its head and body both somewhat upright trapezoidal, about four-feet tall at the most. However, the woman fails to hit it or get any money in. At the same time, she seems to be getting angrier and also throws rocks and sticks (but misses). The robot seems to beep and mock her with slight turns of its head.

After a time, it seems the robot (or "runaway bank") is "watching" her in an implied "sarcastic" way and mocking her more. However, the canoe it is in goes over a waterfall and the event completely wrecks the robot, which seems a bit amusing - all that effort to evade and mock the woman (the owner?) yet it is destroyed anyway.

six-pointed star
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