almost 8 years ago
Plasma web

Morning of December 22, 2013. Sunday.

This dream was fairly short. The sun is producing small but powerful CMEs (coronal mass ejection) that come out more like very fast-traveling small hot stones with special properties (somewhat as if from a volcano). There is an unknown dream character that reminds me vaguely of Donald Sutherland.

Some of the “stones” are yellow, some orange or red. They are mostly about the size of a computer mouse. The “Donald” character appears to be nervous about the sun’s unpredictable “behavior”. I cannot recall too many dreams all in all (especially over the last twenty years) where I had real fear (sometimes it is feigned or understood to be previously instigated by my own will) and even in this dream, I see myself at one point as cartoon-like when running from supposed danger.

The stones sometimes crash through the ceiling, melting building structures in their path, apparently; even metal at times.

They seem to be able to project a sort of lightning-like “web” that moves through the air rapidly, putting a person in a “hot cocoon” or cocoon-like construct. I do not think the victims survive. Perhaps the “stones” are a shape-shifting “solar spider” slightly similar to that so-called (fictional of course) “found footage” movie “Apollo 18”.

The floating plasma “web” moves through the air, but I do not think it has special sensing abilities, as they can be dodged fairly easily and cool down fairly quickly unless they are somehow “activated” into the “active” cocoon stage. I do not see the “stones” move much, either. Interesting science-fiction concept, though, I suppose.

There was also a short dream that almost led into sleep paralysis. I very much enjoy sleep paralysis even though many people claim it is usually unpleasant for them. My sleep paralysis stages themselves are almost always ecstatic with a strong sense of healing energy moving through my body, almost like a buzzing, pleasant “electricity”, and an intense, focused awareness which I really like, although I am often aware of another “presence” but not a threatening one, often somewhat “angelic”.

This short scene though, seemed to involve three men running around randomly, each with a gun; a cowboy (perhaps a marshal or sheriff) from the 1800s, a member of (I think) the Italian mafia, and a random businessman trying to protect himself from the other two. They are running in “circles” around a square area that is actually the outer hallway of a building that goes all the way around the central area that may only be one room (or possibly a larger work area). Not much happens. It reminds me vaguely of a scene from “Tickle Me” (the Elvis movie) where the man in the horror-movie mask runs down the hall and turns sharply, throwing his hand up in an artificial-looking contrived manner just before going around the corner.

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