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precognitive dream
human-like aliens cannot exist
Black-eyed aliens and the new imposing steel foundry

Morning of December 19, 2013. Thursday.

This was an intriguing dream, though not really much drama, based on indirect associations from pulsing certain affirmations relating to creation of something new which brought about the “steel foundry” theme, I think. I do not really associate human-like beings with black eyes (including the sclerotic coat) as having “evil” in them as many people do (thanks to their influence from “Supernatural”, probably). Some people have been seemingly suspicious of me in my past due to having near-black eyes (except of course for the sclerotic coat) which I have actually gotten complaints on. Can you imagine? I associate completely black eyes, for the most part, with an undeveloped or unknown element. Tulpas will develop black eyes after a time (depending on other factors) sometimes going back to “normal”, the reverse being a “quivering bright silver”, which seems to be the highest form.

Here, the “black-eyed aliens” seem to represent the new “recently born” (and deliberate on my part) tulpa constructs coming in to deliberately oust some of the annoying archetypes of the past, particularly those with very limited intelligence that persist in frequenting certain domains (but not all by any stretch of the imagination). On the Internet, you will find references to “Black-Eyed Children Encounters” as in one claim that they are alien-human hybrids, something I find hilarious, as humans cannot even reproduce with other species on their own planet, let alone from another planet, even other primate groups, such as chimpanzees, where the DNA is oh so close. I simply do not have that level of imagination, as you cannot “unlearn” something you already know even subconsciously (which is why I do not dream about zombies, I guess). They never seem a threat to me - in fact, here in most of this dream, they actually seem a bit fearful of normal humans and most of them are in hiding (although they communicate tentatively with me, seeming to want instructions at times).

In humans, the pupils dilate to let in more light. In tulpas, as I said in another entry, this potential is unlimited, and thus completely black eyes are a result. They dilate “to see as much of the world as possible”.

I am visiting my sister at her old address on Loomis Street in the USA. She seems concerned about a new steel foundry being built so close to her house that one outer wall of her house seems to be in the works of either being shared by one of the buildings or possibly damaged. The foundry and many associated larger buildings are mostly being worked on to the north. This is likely my dream “complaining” about new potential constructs of stronger levels being “enforced” against old thinking habits, perhaps. Many very strange vehicles travel by her house and there is a concern about strong odors, noise, and heat that already seems somewhat of a serious problem regarding peace-of-mind livability.

Meanwhile, there is another scene prior to this I should include. I am walking in a very large, mostly featureless green field (although I can see large dense forests in the distance, which seems to be our destination) with a young black-eyed girl. She seems to be wearing a gymnastics outfit with a Yin and Yang design theme and a high, swept-back wiry tiara. We are sharing some sort of private joke relating to the overall events going on. Apparently, all of humanity (although I sense my family is not there and has equal freedom as I do) is being held back by a large silvery steel fence from horizon to horizon. Some of them are putting their arms between the bars in an attempt to get our attention. Most of those closest to the gate itself seem to be from environments that had not nurtured them in their lifetime - and so they seem hostile to anyone visibly appearing healthy or successful in any way. I hear one of them scream “You son of a b—-h!” but it is not clear at all if they are yelling at me or someone near them that is annoying them (it seems more likely to be a fight amongst themselves, though, rather than any attention given to me). Looking back, the number of people stopped by the fence seems almost endless, all the way to the distant horizon behind us - or almost every human being on Earth. “Human DNA is so volatile,” says the girl.

The black-eyed girl waves her hand and another steel fence materializes fairly quickly from the ground, again from horizon to horizon relative to each side of us, although it does not seem needed, so is a bit of “overkill” (almost to a comedic effect). The “joke” we are sharing relates to the complaint of a lottery winner which I think originated from a “Nancy” comic strip many years ago - although I have heard it elsewhere. The gag is that, even though the person won the lottery, he is angry that he wasted money on buying two tickets when he supposedly did not need the second. (Seriously, though, it is not that funny, as the win could have been a result of the second ticket rather than the first). This may relate to a very recent real-life event. My second-youngest son won a prize at a Christmas party, so he got to blindly select the next winner from a bucket held high. Of all the people, he picked (by pure blind chance) his younger brother as the next prize winner. This was a fun and positive social night for them.

Anyhow, after this, the dream mostly shifts into the city scene (which has an additional appearance later on after other sections). After this, is a “twilight” dream section. I and several other people are watching strange, long and cylindrical objects in the sky. These long, thin cylinders are mostly a lighter blue but with a wider black band in the center, somewhat like a cigarette with a filter in the middle rather than on the tip (or perhaps like a cigarette mirrored symmetrically to its filter tip). We watch for quite some time, with a sort of enthusiasm. However, one of these ships seems to crash in slow motion through one of the steel foundry buildings (curiously seeming to stay at a forty-five degree angle the whole time) and we have to avoid the flying parts from both the spacecraft and the building, which does not seem difficult. However, at the same time, it also seems to transform into a machine that is reworking the design of the building at the same time the inertia from the crash is still active. Later on, I am approached by one of the aliens in a very passive way, but I just tell them to relax and enjoy their lives. They do not seem to have any ulterior motives and are living in the city without incident or being bothered by the humans even after the crash of one of their ships.

The dream shifts again in that I am looking at various time periods in my past, yet everything has changed. I enter my Rose Street apartment as a boy, and find a Japanese family living there instead and so I feel a bit strange/imposing at my intrusion. History has somehow changed - or maybe I am actually in the future rather than the past (although the Rose Street building burnt down years ago - and there now seems to be a business building there in the same area in real life). I check out another home I had in my youth and there are now different (seemingly Tibetan) people having had a history of living there all that time, a married couple and five children (the same as my immediate family in real life). It is not a negative experience, just a bit “different” - and I actually enjoy talking to these (unknown) people. All in all, the dream seemed to created a positive feeling, regardless of the rather meandering plot.

Update: On some levels, this dream turned out to be highly precognitive of my sister’s illness and death.

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