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Sharing houses again? Watch out for the "Yerper"

Morning of December 18, 2013. Wednesday.

In one dream, we appear to be visiting an (unknown) person on the right side of a T-section dock in a larger boathouse (seemingly part of a strange composite using the Salton Sea, California, the Mississippi near La Crosse, and an area near the Florida Keys). There is another boathouse mirrored almost exactly to the opposite side of the T-section dock. The owner we know in my dream is probably about forty years old. There is an area for a small motorboat near the right-front that is almost like a connected garage (at water level) so that the boat comes up almost to the front door of the boathouse. The man seems to be sharing a story based on a recent event where he thought that a visitor was very unintelligent because they asked why he did not have an additional place for the boat near the back of the boathouse so that when he travels from a trip in the other direction, it would supposedly be "easier" to moor (even though the only door is on the front of the boathouse). Apparently the person was also looking at the far-right area for another potential spot to moor (in case the boat had been traveling from that direction as well). It seems very amusing for him. Apparently, he also seems to indicate that the other person thought that if a person is traveling from the left of the T-section, he would reach the other boathouse and never get to his (not having enough intelligence to know that you can just go around). This was rather odd and impersonal for a dream. It could possibly relate more to persistent stubbornness rather than a lack of intelligence. For example, a person may stop near you as if you are "in their way", when they could just walk around you with little effort or difficulty. There was, however, a person in real life that we used to see who would actually stop when there was anything in front of him, even a division of the sidewalk or a particularly dark line on the floor of a store's aisle (as if it were a "wall"). This relates to some sort of condition, but I do not presently recall the name. It was unusual seeing someone do this. He acted as if he could not get past implied two-dimensional "barriers". I never really watched or stared, so I do not know what he eventually did as I left the scene. He also stopped near our baby pram once even though it was to the right of him and nowhere near being in his way, so I just turned around and went the other direction.

In the other dream, we are living in the same house as a person who lives near us on the same street in one direction (but across an alleyway - we live in a corner house) in real life, but whom we do not see very often (he rarely seems to be actually living there over longer time periods) and do not know very well. I am walking around in a seemingly shared living area, yet there also seems to be features of a very large, but partly divided bedroom. I am hearing sound from an adjoining room which seems a bit too loud (as I do not want the other people in the house to complain) - although I am not sure if it is that late at night. I thought it might be some sort of anechoic chamber in part - it seems to be a very large television (false memory) on the other side of the wall, and apparently it is an old monster movie or something similar, so I go to tell a family member to turn the volume down while in the doorway, the other room with the television being mostly dark. I am not sure what the movie is. It seems to be a fictional variation of "Village of the Giants" from 1965 based on what the other man says.

The other man is also walking near the same area, but does not seem to mind the television's volume level (he may have been planning to get something from the refrigerator to take back to his area). He even watches the movie that is on for about three minutes or so although I actually never face or see the screen of the television, as I remain mostly in the implied larger bedroom area. He says with a sort of odd curious interest (perhaps nostalgia), "Oh...there are TWO giant women in this movie, and this one is dancing, look at that stomach..."

Meanwhile, I am going back to get some pens and pencils. Some of the pens are felt markers of a larger variety of colors as well as normal ballpoints. I seem to have permission from the other man for some reason to use one of his pens. The large group of pens is mine, yet when I place them on someone's bed temporarily (as there are a bit too many and it is a clumsy effort to get them to the desk on my side), they get mixed up with other people's pens. I am annoyed, as I do not want to be accused of "stealing pens", so I finally manage to get them separated before the other man walks back to his apparent living area. In real life, we assume his wife had died, as we have not seen her for a long time, but when he comes back into this room, he is making strange comments about her (I guess she is in a different adjoining room than the other). I then notice funny toy heads hanging from the wall (which I had not noticed before), similar to the toy shrunken heads of years ago, one with bright orange hair sticking out from each side (but bald otherwise), which seems to represent his wife, as if displayed as some sort of nostalgic gift.

The third dream was fairly short and somewhat distorted. There was another boathouse-related scene, but as if from a movie. There is a creature that looks much like the one from "The Monster That Challenged the World" (1957), but is much smaller, only about the size of a person. It is apparently a male creature. He moves his head up from the water that is filled with smaller debris (of mostly greenish and yellowish hues) and starts going "Yerp, yerp, yerp". Apparently the movie is called "The Yerper"...rather senseless. He does not seem like a threat and the "yerp" sound is not really imposing.

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