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using telekinesis to move cups
telekinesis again

Morning of December 13, 2013. Friday.

This is another dream about a “dream power”, the most common ones for me being continuous telekinesis and hovering as if there is no gravity to speak of relating to the human body only (as nothing else floats). Hovering usually brings about very vivid and full lucidity. Telekinesis, on the other hand, does not usually bring about anything other than semi-lucidity, yet with an orientation that the power is also “real” in real life.

This is a longer dream, but keeps repeating the same scenarios where I simply bring a white glass mug on a table up into the palm of my right hand by mental will alone. My sister Marilyn watches at times, seeming only slightly surprised. This is an effortless dream power for the most part, much like hovering – which simply requires lifting both legs up slightly and remaining in the air, and from there, actually flying.

The effect, when it comes to objects, is very much like a trick I had done in real life years ago, where a rubber-band (fixed within the cuff of a shirt) is used to bring something into your hand. The speed and force is very realistic in my dream.

In this particular dream, I test various distances, even from across the room, and am successful at it. I almost cannot even see the object from where I am guiding it swiftly through the air from, but it still works in all instances. This dream is mostly with the white glass mug. In other dreams, I had spent most of the time willing doors closed or open with equal success. There is no “shadow play” in this one (as is often the case) as I am only vaguely aware it is a dream – yet, again, somehow still in regards to practicing a supposedly real ability.

In the last part of my dream, I go outside and yet am still able to will the mug to fly out from the house to where I am (about two houses away and on the sidewalk) and straight into my hand. My family is to my right on Loomis Street. There is a confused man with a gun in the middle of the street as we watch from the sidewalk on the western side of the street.

With little effort, I make him drop the gun by directing some sort of telekinetic force at it - and then cause it to slide along the street, continuously just out of his reach as he chases after it upon each longer slide (of about five feet). I do this about six or seven times and it gets to be a bit annoying, as he is still within nearly attainable distance of the gun at times. Then, a somewhat mentally “slow” man walking from the north looks in our direction. I mentally will him to pick up the gun (as he seems to have little mental will of his own) and shoot the other man in both feet (just enough to take off a bit of the outside). Nothing much happens after that other than the other man tending to the pain in his feet and no longer posing a threat.

using telekinesis to move cups
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