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deer hunting
deer stop moving near path
using a bow and arrow
Deer hunting with bow and arrow

Morning of November 28, 2013. Thursday.

This dream came directly after a long, nearly all-day “self-pulsing” state, which is mentally willing affirmations into the mind with a special, but “light” technique that also uses actual muscles and actual active “thinking” of a different type. It is far more effective than listening to a commercial “self-hypnosis” cassette or CD or so-called subliminal program (most of which I find pointless - your mind is naturally influenced the most by your own voice, even mental voice or even “cellular audio”, especially during deeper states). It takes about twenty years to learn properly, but it is obvious that many people are not even “wired” this way. Once you do it long enough in a session, it sometimes continues “automatically” for hours afterward (via an enhanced, but so-called Tetris effect, so make sure it is something you really want - dreams can be “programmed” this way almost image-perfect if photo projection is also used), with a layered effect (for example, in your own “voice” but with mentally discernible layers of different pitches - cellular memory contact and perceived pulsing from “higher dimensions” work this way as well, which is how I distinguish it from random, transient “lower” perceptions, often from outside sources). Supposedly, it is not possible for everyone; not everyone can wiggle their ears, roll their tongue (or even make an “M” from it), or raise only one eyebrow, either. At any rate, the one used here was “I unfold my map of my best future”. This is an example of a good affirmation for (potential/attempted) lucid dreaming as “my” should be used instead of “the”.

At any rate, my dream seems to just come out of nowhere with its scenario and its growing vividness and amazing clarity (especially as I have not seen Bob in so long). In the first more lucid part of my dream, I am in the shed on Loomis Street, but it seems much bigger and aligned in a different direction (perpendicular to its actual location). Apparently, I had just successfully gotten two large male deer with little effort with a bow and arrow. I vaguely remember the prior aspects, but it becomes the most clear at this point where we are talking about the brand names of two different methods of hunting as we (my brother-in-law Bob and I) are walking from the shed (apparently having dressed and stored the deer in the freezer). There seems to be a continuous mix-up of which company makes the best bows and arrows and which makes the best rifles - it is almost like a comedy routine in knowing which is which. There are also a couple sarcastic remarks about some of the hunters using BB guns. (In real life many years ago, I had told my factory foreman who had asked about it that my brother-in-law got his biggest deer with a Daisy, which is mostly known for BB guns. He looked at me in a really strange way. I guess he did not appreciate my deadpan humor.)

My brother-in-law and I are going back out, seemingly mostly only to watch his attempts and perhaps to help as I walk slightly behind him to his right. We walk the entire way. We have old-style bows and arrows, not crossbows, and I sort of wonder about this for some time (an older brother and his wife - in fact he met her there - worked at a place that made crossbows and such).

We reach an area going very slightly uphill. We are walking up a long pathway that has seemingly been used for vehicles only rarely. To our left is a thicker, almost impenetrable forest, with sparse rock features. To the right is mostly an open plain with a row of larger trees along the pathway and only minor rock features. In the distance are large hills, perhaps mountains. I am not exactly sure where we are, but there is a heightened feeling of clarity and joy, almost a sense of love and boundless freedom. Near each tree, behind each one with the head and neck and front legs visible, is a very large male deer facing the pathway. I am wondering if my brother-in-law will be able to get them (being apparently allowed two), but do feel very confident about his success - I do seem to “know” that they may or may not move away upon approach (depending partly on the mountain lion’s activity and which direction he goes). Farther to the right, in the more open area, is a large mountain lion (cougar) who neither seems to be a threat or even seems to notice us (and is only casually glancing at the many deer). There is a thought about what is going to occur but I slowly wake as we are walking along, feeling very at ease and relaxed.

The pulsing of “I unfold my map of my best future” does seem to have triggered this dream somewhat, although it has been twenty years since I went anywhere with Bob. I take it to mean something positive, that is, possible abundance, potential success (at least in surviving in a decent way, more than many I know of), and only potential danger if willfully approaching something of that nature (the mountain lion). It seems fairly straightforward, but it is certainly not a typical dream. Most of my dreams involving Bob have been about fishing in strange environments.

The deer could not “escape” across to the other side (the forest being a bit too dense) and they did not want to go in the direction of the mountain lion, and they were there closest to us (available nourishment or power). This part of my dream seemed partly remote-viewed due to the fact that a poster on the main dream journal site told me of an event where a deer had become trapped.

deer hunting
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using a bow and arrow
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deer stop moving near path
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