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Hot water tank goddess - spider sacrifice

Morning of November 25, 2013. Monday.

This is a rather over-the-top silly set of dream elements. It is semi-lucid in parts, but not all.

In real life, our hot water tank had stopped working nearly two weeks ago, but due to the warm weather, it presently is not a big issue for other than doing the dishes and spraying boiling water onto my skin in certain places to soothe it. Last year, a similar thing happened when the electricity went out and the tank stopped working for about two days, I guess from being quite old. This time though, it did not come on even after almost two weeks. We were ready to do something drastic and contact a...human being (shudder). I still remember when we had to go through at least six "electricians" before we found one that was...well...an actual electrician and understood what I was talking about in any way and was able to (under my advisement) replace the faulty safety switch so that the power actually stayed on in the house. I mean, really, how hard can it be?

So what do I have in my dream? A series of intended associations and some precognitive facets completely unknown to me. There is more feigned anger than anything else (real anger is very hard for me to direct - the level of patience I have developed in living in a world of "normal" humans is almost infinite). For some reason, feigned anger and exaggerated annoyance (relative to overstated importance, as "all things must pass" and the tank probably should be replaced) and even cursing and calling the higher dimensions rude names and cussing out the gods and goddesses of the apparently overstaying NewAge cosmos seems to work wonders. I call upon the "Hot Water Tank Goddess" out of spite - who (in the dream) turns out to be a mentally ill girl I knew in school who was always causing trouble, dancing on tables in the classroom as soon as the teacher went out, having a different "boyfriend" every week, and so on. So, if anything could represent a "gremlin" to be gotten rid of, surely she would do, even though my dream-self picked her out.

In the dream, there appears a rubber duck; at one point it is on a stick and with a large spider-spun thread attached to it. I make the association that the girl had given me a gag Christmas gift as a teen (in real life) which was a rubber duck with a string attached, connected to plastic toy trucks and baby blocks. To this day I do not know how she managed to stay in public school so long. Well, whatever, the duck seems to be higher up in the eaves of an old shed, perhaps the one in La Crosse on Loomis Street. Then there is an association with a "duck-eating spider" - which is why the spider-spun thread goes up to where the duck is. I am reminded (in the dream - but based on yet another real-life association) how someone had written a comment on someone else's dream journal entry about the killing of a spider being a bad "omen". Omen? Seriously? In the year 2013? Am I instead in the 13th century running around in a loincloth? I do not believe much in "omens" or consensus-related dream symbolism and certainly not published "meanings" (day to day literal precognition for fifty years tends to break you from such a farce) which make me want to scream and dance - and scream and dance I do. I find the spider (which first lands in my hair and feels just like a hand - which is no surprise, as when I was younger, spiders were actual human hands in some dreams regardless of the five fingers to eight legs discrepancy - I guess they were five-legged "hand spiders") and knock it to the floor and dance on it.

"Die! Die! Die!" I chant, stomping on the spider. "Sacrifice yourself so that I may have hot water". After it is sufficiently squashed, I find a small stack of dream dictionaries and throw them into a furnace in the old shed (never one there in real life, it was in the basement) and sing to the "hot water tank goddess" about how despicable she is for allowing dream dictionaries to exist in the real world.

Just to make sure I was doing it right, I resurrected and killed the "same" spider again. There were other similar scenarios in connected repeating dreams (but not quite as clear) so I may have done it a total of about six or seven times throughout the sleeping periods.

Today, after the dream, in real life, interestingly enough, I discovered that the hot water tank had suddenly started working again. Not only that, with no clues or hints or ideas of any kind, my wife later told me she had been looking at a rubber duck toy, one on a stick. She was thinking of buying it but did not. This happens all the time, that is, an aspect of my dream precisely reflecting something my wife had spent time looking at or thinking about without any possible way of me knowing directly, in one case, an odd-looking toy crested lizard that I had not seen before prior to a dream about its exact appearance and my wife buying it and bringing it home.

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