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Swooping Stars? What's next?

Morning of November 24, 2013. Sunday.

This dream was slightly along the lines of the "watching-the-sky-at-twilight" dreams, where interesting, usually mysterious and seemingly nostalgic events occur in the sky for various reasons, but it was more like a less disturbing "end-of-the-world" dream (though not typical). I had intended to move into a more lucid dream with partial "programming", but it is a bit too warm to focus with a higher level of comfort for that long.

I go out to look at the sky. There has been talk in the media and there have been supposed signs that the end of the entire solar system is nigh. I am not that concerned, though, but there is an eerie awareness of humanity ceasing to exist (recurring). When I look at the sky, I notice that there are several smaller identical Earth moons in various random areas (about half the size or less of how the moon should appear), with a random cluster of about four lower down towards the horizon (none being near the zenith). Of course, this does not make much sense. I guess I am trying to work out how there can be the "same" moon in several parts of the sky at the same time. It may mean that they are all different moons, I suppose - or some sort of bizarre reflective effect from the sparse clouds. A younger relative of my wife's (half-sister, CRJ, who I have not seen in a long time) comes out from the house. It must be Cubitis again, as my mother is alive and also there and even about ten years younger than before I was born.

CRJ says, "Oh, look, the sky has gone stupid," and seems more annoyed than concerned in any way. It does not even seem like a newsworthy event to her. She is apparently working for a radio station (from within the house)?

My mother comes out and looks more at the stars than the small identical moons. Time passes and the "stars" begin to move down from the sky at a fairly fast rate, one at a time, like swooping birds. Once they swoop down they rise back up again into a different position in the sky. Their trajectory seems to be based on the law of reflection as they swoop down and go back up in the otherwise "incident ray" path. For a time, it seems like I am experiencing the events from the perspective of two people at the same time (my mother and myself) and it is somewhat disorienting. I/we manage to duck and dodge in a perfect way each time (the source of the ducking and dodging movements seeming to be my mother's), to avoid being hit by each "star" (which technically cannot be much bigger than a basketball - although it "feels" as if it is much larger), although I can hardly see above my head after a time. One coming from farther away in the sky makes a much wider and "slower" arc, and those directly above go in almost a straight up and down seemingly faster course (somewhat like a bouncing ball). Not much happens after this.

It is possible that there was a very subtle influence from "Slaughterhouse-Five" (from 1972) regarding the scene where the main character is seemingly carried off by a "star" but actually by alien entities.

In another dream, my wife and I are on a large, old brick bridge with arches, seemingly running north and south and likely in Wisconsin. It is very cold and in the middle of winter (although in real life here, it is unbearably warm). I make it so that the large winter jacket I am wearing goes around her so that she is able to put her right arm through the right sleeve while my right hand holds her left hand (my left arm still being in the left sleeve). We are then "wearing the same jacket" and also embrace so that we are fully inside the jacket after zipping it up effortlessly. After a short time, we slowly float down from the bridge onto the iced-over surface of a lake or river. There seems to be a plan to see my best friend Toby T as we go north into the city and we sort of half-walk, half-float to get there.

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