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The Beloved Gathering is in full swing. For a large part of the dream it is set at a luxury hotel in some beautiful place. I take a moment to reflect on the 'Fuck Yeah' of our crew totally Rocking it amidst the 'mainstreamers'... And we are rockin' it! Shining so beautiful!

The juice of the dream is this:

A meeting is called. A sharing. I enter the space. There's a precision and vibrating power in the air of this meeting turned council. Elliot is addressing earlier remarks made regarding our stepping it up, and how we can take it all (specifically in this moment the art gallery experience) to the NEXT LEVEL! He speaks with clarity and authority that YES we are ready to make these changes, and this particular moment is happening for us to make these steps. The inspiration and activation in the room is palpable.
-- here I leave to get something for someone, only to find the tribe pouring out of the space, supposedly a hotel employee had come in to 'ask us to leave', we weren't supposed to be in that room... a young employee is apologizing for her charged, angry approach (he's with us! heehee)

AND that doesn't stop us from gathering, it only changes our mode and space. We find ourselves now around a fire outside. And we are singing together. A ceremonial drum is being played, the song, which I had never heard, is gorgeous, and our harmonies awe-inspiring beyond belief... I am in a state of ecstasy. I'm looking around and noticing all the Beautiful people (noting a lot of gorgeous men as well :))

AND by collective choice, once another indoor space opened for us, we moved once again as a tribe into another gathering point. This, again, being a different style all together. We circled around an empty middle space, where on the floor there were ten markings on the floor in a row, like stepping stones, the middle being a fulcrum point for this pathway. One by one, we would go into the center and walk the path. Each step vocalizing a prayer. Simple. Profound. When I stepped in the center, I began by Thanking Great Spirit for Life and Breath. The next step I repeat this, only deepening into the embodied, emotional experience of the prayer, the next step I go even further until I am in full tears, praying with every ounce of my being. I could feel the emotional pulsing of the room, the collective deepening into a unified state of Profound Gratitude! (I am remembering in the dream how similar this experience is to the one I just recently had at a powerful council fire at Tribal Convergence in Oregon where I tapped this same deep, spiritual, emotional energy while expressing).

((At the Tribal Convergence gathering I, among others, were in awe of the Fluidity of our Cohesive Collective Presence together as a tribe. There was an Ease. And as a non-facilitator, there seemed to be few challenges, at least no visible ones, that threatened our sacred container.))
In this dream I saw us taking the next step, where we were faced with challenges (simple, yet potentially dispersing, spacial issues... i.e angry employee tells us we need to leave. where are can we meet and be safe?). And yet we faced these challenges with the easeful, graceful presence that was experienced at Tribal Convergence (and I'm sure many other intentional gatherings you've been experiencing lately.) I feel so Joyful to witness and take part in our successful maturing!

The other note to make here, is how the 'challenge' of needing to change spaces, was actually a catalyst to expand and shift our mode of gathering. Each was perfect and necessary. We were 'allowed' or given the opportunity to get 'stuck' in just one mode like we tend to do. We have a talking circle and we're there for hours, passing the stick. We have a song circle, and we chant until the sun comes up. This all wonderful, yet we have so much more to offer, so much more potential to tap as we honor the gift and power of our collective presence.

--There's a lot to this dream that I will leave out, and I have one more part to share.--

I am walking by an outdoor Rastafarian church service. Most all the rastas are black, it feel very traditional. Clouds of ganja smoke are wafting from the space. I choose to continue walking, but I raise my hand to the sky to honor Spirit, the same God of course to whom they are praying. Next thing I know, I'm sitting in a meditation circle with all of them. There are two white teachers, one being Lukaijah, who are guiding us. Once the meditation is over, a discussion is sparked and Lukaijah begins to speak. His presence is intense and so his words. He speaks of our active communication with Sirius, and how we are receiving their downloads as we speak. In this moment the joint gets passed to Lukaijah (hahaha), he blesses it, goes to pass, and his counterpart says, "you should smoke." he reconsiders, puts his lips to the joint without breathing in, and passes it.

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