over 8 years ago
Guardians between higher and lower realms

I was trapped in a multi-leveled, multi-roomed space, with no doors between the spaces. The walls were made of brown brick. I was unaware of any doors that led out of the space at all. There was water going down a sloped portion from the upper level of the space into a shallow pool like structure on the bottom. I was on the lower portion, and I noticed a man in the upper portion above the slope, and knew that he intended to kill me. He was much larger than I, and I was filled with great concern for my safety. He began the battle by throwing stones at me. I had knowledge that this was a great threat, and that if allowed to hit me, he could in fact eventually kill me. I blocked several attempts to hit me, and after a brief physical struggle I had become the one who was on the top portion of the space. I began throwing large stones, roughly soccer ball sized at him. I missed several times, but after hitting him with a few I could feel as though I would be able to survive the encounter. After hitting him a final time, he became unconscious, and I quickly began to search for an escape on the upper portion. As I was searching, he emerged again, and I got the impression that he was super human, and that I had to go to extreme measures to kill him and ensure my own survival. I issued several blows to the head, and began to stab at his neck with some form of semi-sharp tool. This was slow going, and I felt extremely heavy and ill about administering damage to his body in such a way, though I felt that it was the only way I could proceed. As I was doing this, and then proceeding to move to his heart I said several words of respect and acknowledged that this was not personal, it simply was. As I left, I noticed that a piece of his heart was separated from the rest, and took that as confirmation that there was no longer a threat. I then immediately went down the slope, and quickly located a door, one that I had not seen before, and went out it. As soon as got out the first door, I was in a small roughly 4’ x4’ room, with a window on my left, and another door. It was daytime, and I could see a beautiful sky and grass outside. As I noticed this, I also noticed that the man had recovered from his injuries and was once again seeking me, as he attempted to open the door into this tiny room. I forced the door closed, after several attempts, and locked it, after several attempts at twisting the lock. It was a bathroom style door knob lock, not a deadbolt. After securing the door behind me, I continued through the other door, and then another, and another in similar tiny rooms until I emerged outside. I was behind a building, and there were commercial trucks, semi’s backed in near me. I was behind the stage of a performance that was about to go on in some kind of mall shopping center. The performers were a group of black dancers/singers who were rehearsing as I walked through. They didn’t seem to mind my presence in any way. So I continue though where I encounter a woman, who I cannot remember much about. She was interested in helping me, and as I was not sure who or where I was, I eagerly accepted her assistance. We walked through the mall for a few moments when I passed a very large bill board sized sign in the walkway in between stores. The sign showed a man in an arm chair, with 3 kids on him, as he was happily talking with him. There were the same brown bricks behind him, and I became aware that the man was me, and the sign was advertising a movie that involved giving this man amnesia, and putting him in this situation to have this encounter with this man and be killed. {Upon waking it reminded me of a combination between Hostel and the Truman show.} I was distressed with this, and continued my search, for what I did not know. I found myself getting on a bus, it was nighttime now, and knowledge of the woman who helped me had faded. I then found myself off the bus in a completely different location, and encountering an old friend, who was now in this dream, gay and commenting on his boyfriend who was not present. I still had a sense of urgency, concerning this man who was initially trying to kill me I believed, though my friend, while also having knowledge of what had transpired in that space did not have the same sense of urgency. I became aware of wounds I had sustained in the struggle and felt the need to seek attention to have them bandaged and looked at. I then became aware that I was on a hospital bed, being wheeled out of the hospital and the person wheeling me out was the same man who I was initially in confrontation with. He told me he loved me, that he was there to help, and that everything was going to be fine. I was filled with a sense of peace and love.
{I awoke to a car alarm loudly going off outside. It was 4:44am. I realize that I was only fighting and resisting myself the entire time. ~ I affirm that I am spirit, and that I am helping myself in this form at all times. I will be attentive to and see the perspective of unconditional love in the free expression of everyone.}

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